David SAX Jewell


David, founder of INDAFILM is a talented freelance videographer and video director, specializing in various forms of video such as music videos, events, live shows, and promos for business, to name a few. With a vast portfolio, years of experience and a keen imagination David strives to conceptualize, shoot and edit clients projects at the highest quality possible.

David also creates his own original content on the SAXjewell Youtube Channel, including Movie Trailers, Comedy Sketches and short films.


Joe Kennedy

Writer, illustrator, actor, make up artist, voice talent, and fight choreographer,  Joe is an man of many skills.   Joe has been apart of many of David SAX Jewell’s productions from narrating, FAIN’s "On My Mind" music video to choreographing fight scenes in the "Start a Fight" music video, to name a few.  As well as assisting with INDAFILM freelance work, Joe also writes and acts for many original web videos on the SAXjewell youtube channel, from sketches, to faux trailers, and short films.  

Narration/Make up- On My Mind Music Video 

Opening Illustrations/narration- Fruit Ninja Movie Trailer 

Fight Choreography- Start a Fight Music Video


Undefined Cinema - Austin Sarver and Adam Nelson


Undefined is a freelance photography and videography business based out of Indiana. Undefined specializes in promotional advertisement videos for businesses, filming and creating wedding DVDs, wedding photography and directing, producing and editing music videos for musicians.

Undefined’s team is encompassed with members who enforce creativity, imagination, and originality in every project they take on.  Every production Undefined produces is in High Definition and published on their Facebook page as well as on their Vimeo.

Austin Sarver and Adam Nelson created Undefined. They also have experience in short film production, under the name Undefined Shorts.


Michael Guthery


Michael Guthery is a filmmaker/videographer born and raised from Indianapolis, Indiana. Realizing his passion in life was Film at age 14, he began on a quest to film anything and everything that was interesting and create as many videos as he could. He sometimes writes and directs short sketches. When he is not trying to come up with the next great idea, he is busy making music/dance/commercial videos.  Michael Guthery has also collaborated with David SAX Jewell on multiple projects such as Creep Music Video, Live shows and Q Salon Indy Promo’s.